Are you happy with yourself?

I believe a lot of people in life want to please others, either if thats a family member or someone your in a relationship with. Its about impressing and looking your best, but it defeats the purpose of fitness if you don’t truly do it for yourself and you will never stick with it if your not in it for your own goals and self image.

Remember, remember, remember…..if you feel beautiful and you feel you look beautiful don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. I always tell my friends, fitness is a life choice, its also a passion and desire….if you are happy with yourself and your self image don’t change it, but if you aren’t change it because you have the power to.

I HATE hearing a person tell me they can’t have this body or that body because their metabolism is too slow or their metabolism is too fast or they have no time for diet and working out…..its total bull….you can have any body you want, but you have to work for it. You have to make the TIME. Someone telling me they don’t have time is another one of my pet peeves….haha cause I am the woman with no time, but I manage to make time by organizing my day accordingly….remember a little is better than nothing.

I tell people in the gym….being here this is your time…your seconds on the clock….dont waste it because what you put in here is what you get out of it. It is my favorite saying because it is the truth.

So chase it, if you want it. Its not going to be easy and your going to have rough days, but in the end if your willing to put time, dedication, and heart into it… can have it.

One of the most rewarding accomplishments.


🌸A fresh start to a new beginning 🌸

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I thought to myself what a better way to speak to average people like me that need help and advice. WordPress is not the best way to reach out to people, but maybe just maybe people will find some love in this blog and read it to help them with a new beginning to fitness and clean eating.

First, it is never too late to start….NEVER EVER. I never believe your destiny is set, it doesn’t matter if your 90 lbs and need some extra weight or 300 lbs and need to lose some. You have the power to change things. Destiny is a funny thing and maybe you believe it or not, but I think no matter what I truly believe a person can feel absolutely beautiful in their own skin if they take the power to.

Now for up and personal. I think it’s best to know me as K. Maybe someday I’ll eventually reveal myself, but for now I think it’s best to keep my name anonymous. My focus is to give you hope in fighting this journey, because it’s an not an easy one.

This is why my story, my struggles, and my pain will be shared. Someone average, someone that struggles to lose weight, someone that loves loves loves food and someone that wants to help inspire you.

Hope, hope is what gives people everything. It drives people to fight and keep going.

K ❤️